Chris showed me a completely new way of envisioning music- making one 30-minute piano lesson an intricate piece of the lifelong, indulgent art that is music!

Jenna Reel

Camden is a student who learns by ear, and Chris was able to target this method of learning and teach him accordingly. He learned more in two years with Chris than in the prior five years combined.

Genia Roberson

It is very enjoyable!

Glenda Garwood

Chris is a wonderful teacher who has lots of patience and passion for teaching piano.

Neli Ceron

I was so happy to have an excuse to get my piano tuned. Now my wife and I are actually using it again! I enthusiastically recommend to all who are learning to play the piano, no matter what skill level you may be, to join this growing community.

Bobby Ryder

Chris’s lessons are fun, engaging, and supportive!

Lara Atalla