Our daughter first discovered her love of composition and songwriting under the guidance and inspiration of Chris. Up to that point she had followed the typical piano track with another teacher and was slowly growing disinterested in playing scales and practicing classical music. As her new teacher, Chris saw this boredom in her and was able to reawaken her senses to a whole new world of music through writing and composing. Flash forward ten years later and she is now applying to the top music colleges in the country, Belmont, Cincinnati CCM, Miami Frost School of Music , etc to pursue a degree in music.

Chris was not just a piano teacher for our daughter. He gave so much more and I guess it is best summed up by saying that he meant so much to her that his inspiration, kindness and encouragement were prominently mentioned in her various college essays. He did not just teach piano. He taught music and tailored his teaching approach to her specifically. He also gave her opportunities to perform and to have her pieces performed by professional musicians.

Once distracted and uninspired by the piano, she is now a passionate and mature musician that uses her piano to help tell stories and make the world a better place.